Sherwood Park & Edmonton Snow Removal

Snow removal service you can count on

We pride ourselves on a job well done, leaving behind a clear unobstructed path, safe for people and vehicles to move on. We offer fast response for local companies and acreage owners, our services include snow removal and sanding where desired.


Local fast snow removal, acreage driveways, all at very reasonable rates. Unlike most, we don’t charge a minimum fee, and we only accept local addresses to ensure a speedy response!


Parking Lots, Gas Stations, Autobody Lots, Multi Business Locations, you name it we clear it! We have full liability insurance coverage and compatative rates.

Flexible Arrangements

New customers welcome! While we offer contract based snow removal for most of our commercial clients, we are available on short notice for one offs.

Don’t let Winter weigh you down

Let’s take snow removal off your to do list.

  • 18 years experience

  • Acreage Driveways

  • Parking Lots

  • Gas Stations

  • Autobody Lots

  • Multiple Business Locations

  • Liability Insurance Coverage

  • Very Reasonable Rates

  • Visa / Mastercard Accepted